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Yams By Sasha

Apr 02

@bbyams by @rebogene

Shot in @murderith studio 

I got to meet Yams through a friend of mine that moved to Toronto last year. The first time we hung out was at at picnic in High Park. I remember how beautiful she looked that day, her face bathing in the rays of sun, her shiny shoulder length hair was blinding me and she had on the loveliest smile. We met up for this project more than 8 months later. I was passing by Toronto and reached out to Yams on Instagram. That day we shot with no make up and no hair. She no longer had her long hair but looked more beautiful than ever.

When we later spoke about the changes in her look, she said:

 “A few months ago, I reached a level of happiness & self acceptance that I never had before. I decided to get rid of everything that made me fit to certain “standards”. I stopped wearing makeup and cut all my hair off”

The 35mm medium attempts to capture the confidence that women gain from self acceptance and self love. A moment suspended in time where standards, expectations and norms are put a side and pure beauty is revealed.

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