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Summer Babes in the City

Aug 14

Photographer: @evazar

Models: @tyraabell, @sophiesahara, @womanorworld, @ethericbitch

Editorial in collaboration with @lunnettecup


Tell me a little about yourself
Eva Zar is a 23-year-old New-York based artist and fashion photographer with Russian roots, who grew up in Vienna, Austria. Awarded a Michael C. Toth scholarship and a Provost scholarship she started her Master of Fine Arts with a major in photography at the renowned Parsons School of Design in 2016. Eva Zar’s photographs have been published internationally in magazines/blogs such as i-D, Broadly, Blonde, Curated By Girls, Paper, Indie, Refinery29, Ignant, Girlgaze, Vice and many more. Her artwork has also been shown in numerous places around the globe. Zar was named one of the “20 most interesting photographers of Austria“ by Gap Magazine. Her list of clients includes Audi, Coca Cola, H&M, Lunette, Warner Music Germany, Vice, Museumsquartier and many more.


What was the inspiration behind this series?
If you live in New York, you know what summer means — it’s getting hot in here (so take off all your clothes) but for us girls? Not so much, because we’re bleeding. New York summer is pure madness and escaping to the beach and hanging out with your femme friends is the only thing you should be doing — without feeling uncomfortable. I teamed up with Lunette and together we created this series: Summer Babes and The City.


How did the opportunity for you to shoot for Lunette come about?
We love each other and thought it would be an amazing idea to work together.


How did you get into photography?
I wish I could tell the fairy-tale story of how I was always into photography. But honestly, I started photographing in my hometown Vienna, because the former editor-in-chief of Vice Austria liked my style and asked me if I wanted to shoot 12 series in 12 months back in 2013.


Do you look up to any artists or photographers today?
Definitely! Look around us, there are so many amazing and talented human beings out there. Right now I’m crushing hard on That Girl Sussi, Love Bailey and Hana Quist. But, my favourite photographer has always been (and probably will always be) Tim Walker.


Lastly, how would you describe your style of photography?
I don’t think it’s necessary to put photographers/artists in a box (of style). I like to express myself and give other people a space to express themselves through my photography — sometimes it’s intimate and fragile, sometimes it’s dramatic and fashionable.


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