Some Kind of Solace by Sean

Oct 26




Tell us a bit about yourself
My Name is Kevin Sean Carneiro and I’m a documentary photographer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been taking photos since I was roughly 18 years of age. I began shooting film and still haven’t made a full transition into the digital world. Portraiture is an integral part of my work and to me the most stimulating part of photography. I like having to figure someone out through a still image. You have this tool (a camera) using time and light and space and translate that into emotion, that’s all my work is. Most recently, my work has been centred around editorials and fashion, but I am focused on making long-term projects with a more journalistic approach and eventually publishing these works in book form.

Tell us about “Some Kind of Solace”
This series consists of photos of my family’s native country after many years away, older and more photographically inclined I began to document my retreat and the realisation of a rapidly changing landscape. With a combination of landscape, portraiture found web/ family photos and collage this work is a sort of response to a period of my growing up that directly and indirectly influenced me by time spent in Brazil as a youth.

When did you begin this series?
I began photographing the series July 11th and I was in Brazil for only one week.

What was the reason for your trip to Brazil?
The trip was sort of unexpected, my grandmother had become ill and needed assistance to travel back to the states. I stayed with her and my uncle in a quiet retirement community in the south of Brazil named Recreio (Recess). My family had spent a lot of time on the beaches there and surfed many spots that are now iconic to the regions surf community, so I felt a connection to this foreign place instantaneously. Even before I left, I knew I would have to make an impactful series in the short time I was there.

If not photography, do you see yourself pursuing any other creative path?
If I wasn’t doing photography I would most definitely pursue a career in writing. I’m an avid reader, mostly poetry but I keep journals and write my own poems as well. I really admire Photographers who incorporate their personal writing into their photography, (Duane Michael’s, Raymond Depardon, Ed Templeton) So naturally that art form has emerged in my own work.

What does photography mean to you?
Photography to me is visual literature, its how one sees life and makes sense of it all in a frame. I think a good Image should provoke a new way of thinking, new ideas but they should be seen for what they are, artefacts, scars of time. Either we learn from it or we repeat it.

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