Nov 03

@mimiquiquine by @mosesquiquine@chantalquiquine

Mimi wears vintage designer throughout – available from


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These images capture the reality of London; a site where cultures, ideas, and people, exist in a continuous state of positive collision. They convey an aesthetic which is reminiscent of the tradition of 18th century French rococo. That similarity is seen in the evident playfulness that emerges between photographer, model, styling and location.

The juxtaposition of colours, for example, defy expectations precisely because the environment in which Mimi has been photographed is unbridled and outside conformity. The colour blocks, as well as patterns, make an unimaginably beautiful tapestry that mirrors the people of London in the way we are each joined together into an amazing whole.

In addition, the way Mimi is styled also reflects the asymmetry and lively chaotic texture of the backdrop and the multiculturalism of London. For instance, a Dior logo bag together with a black and white geometric 1930s inspired print on a 1960s knitted wool coat, or the Moschino silk scarf and red fishnet tights, or even the bright yellow satin Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo jacket together with a pair of Issey Miyake pleated trousers. These pieces by international designers when put together create beauty, harmony and style in the same way that Londoners of different origins together make a beautiful narrative.

Perhaps these photographs are prisms through which we can see London in its full vibrancy, it’s style and beauty.


Photographer: Sirius Film
Stylist: Chantal Quiquine & Moses Quiquine
Model: Mimi Quiquine

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