Milena Huhta

Apr 10


I’m currently based in Helsinki, Finland, which is also my hometown. Up until now, I’ve been leading a double life as part graphic designer, part illustrator but that’s about to change very soon. I’m finally leaping into the scary world of full time freelancing and hoping my illustration wings will carry me! My illustrations are always part hand-drawn and part digital. I start out by sketching out the image with a pencil, after which I use a light screen to trace the lines with a multi-liner. After scanning the original, I continue to colour the image digitally.

I’ve gone through multiple mediums in my life, including water and oil colour, but always found that drawing felt superior to painting. I’ve been using this particular technique for about 3 years now.  I like to incorporate a lot of elements that currently inspire me into my work. My work is meant for all creatures who appreciate beauty, attitude, openness and individuality to enjoy.

If I had to describe my work, the recipe would pretty much go like this: mix 90’s shojo anime, sci-fi and contemporary fashion into one beautiful entity. Spice it with some melancholy, East Asian folklore and girl power and you got me! Haha.

Besides working, I enjoy practicing kicking ass in krav maga, sketching, hanging out with friends/my cats and consuming huge amounts of pop culture & Wikipedia.



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