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HKGURLO by Fiona

Feb 10

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These are some of the shoots that I did for my project HKGURLO. The ethos of the project is to encourage young females to explore their origins, to embrace realness and uncertainty by showing the true cultural identity of young Hong Kong girls. An online virtual space is created for everyone to explore individuality in an interactive way.

I spent around 5 months in Hong Kong and London to find different kinds of young Hong Kong females to be involved in this project. Initially, I started off with talking to my best friends, and I met more girls from different industries eventually. They are from 20 to 28 and everyone has a unique background. Through interviewing them casually and knowing them deeply, I developed some valuable friendships with them and I also know myself more as a Hong Kong citizen and a female. I then took photoshoots with them in specific locations that they love and styled them by using some of their garments to show individuality and real identities. The shoots were not glamorous or fancy because what I want to do is to tell the truth and portray the natural beauty of my interviewees.

When it comes to female identity, they shared their viewpoints of being a female and how they would like to position themselves in this generation. I found it fascinating and inspiring to know different ways of thinking. I also started to have a greater motivation to stand up and talk about the uncertainty, the mixed feeling of all young females. My last interviewee, Serrini, told me something that was very intellectual and encouraging. She is an independent singer, and she told me that putting on makeup is empowering, and that she is happy to be called an angry feminist. She added “what we are actually doing is to break down the old expectations that makes females suffer. We are fighting for the rights of women.” It certainly reminded me of my female identity and what should I do as a woman. She also told me that “Knowledge is essential” and “Worldly joy is not everything” which inspired me to do something for women, for our generation and most importantly, for the future generation.

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