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Halle By Elizabeth

Mar 06

@hallecherry by @zabaay

The model in this photograph is Cherie. This particular shoot was the first time we met, but the second we started shooting I knew I was going to get some great photographs. Sometimes while shooting I don’t get the best pictures until towards the middle or the end, but I think everything just worked that day – from her hair, to her makeup, to the bright blue sky and the sun like when it shined on her face it looked like I was using a reflector. I was drawn to shoot her because I had come across her Instagram and loved her sense of style and particularly her wigs. In the photos we took I thought the hair gave the images a “60s/70s film still” look that I’m really into. We chose this location, because she told me that she knew of some cool spots in this particular part of brooklyn and, although I hadn’t been to that area, I believed  her, and I’m glad I did because I really loved shooting here.

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