Anjelica Roselyn

Jun 30


Drawing for me has always been therapeutic.
My art, for me, is the best way I can express myself without having to think – probably because I draw so fast.

My favourite medium at the moment is pen, ink and Promarker. When I first starting drawing as a child I always used a fountain pen, so naturally, I feel that my drawing style has formed around that. Studying womenswear design has allowed me to think of an illustration of women in a different way, mostly with how I understand the clothes I’m drawing. But then again, there’s a lot to unlearn from that time of my life.

My inspiration is and has always been women, particularly strong women. Energy is very important to me and strong positive energy always draws me toward my subjects. When I started to focus on illustrating more as opposed to design I used street style as my main inspiration point. The fluidity of women during their day to day is more inspiring to me than editorials.

What do you hope to achieve in two years time?
I hope to keep expanding my style of illustration and my subject. At some point, I would like to do a collection of some of my best work but that is likely for later in the future.

What advice would you give to younger aspiring artists that are looking to find their true aesthetic?
Authenticity is the biggest thing. Creative fields are so saturated so you need to make sure your uniqueness shows.

How much research and planning goes into your work or is it just whatever you feel like on the day?
A lot of the time my work is a result of spontaneous feeling. However, I couldn’t draw anything if I didn’t collect inspirational images every day.

What fascinating, weird or surprising things have you discovered about yourself through your artwork?
It was cool that people actively tell me that my work makes them feel happy. Drawing and using colours makes me happy and it’s awesome to know that it translates.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I would describe my work as carefree, fun and colourful.  I think art and illustration should be a form of escapism and I hope to create that for my audience.

Are the people you draw your friends or role models? Do they mean something special to you?
As weird as it sounds, it’s not the people or subject matter that means anything to me but more the energy of that person. Positivity is more my muse than any one person or thing. Aside from that, I do pay attention to some facial features, colour and clothing details. It has to be visually stimulating.


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