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Angel by Ash

Apr 08

@Softest.Hard by @swtched.on

This shoot was very memorable for me. I reached out to Angel and invited her to the studio. She is a DJ & producer based out of LA that I discovered when my friend David made a music video for her but this was the first time we met in person. It was my first time shooting in the studio actually. I am usually hella eager to jump into new things, which is a weakness and a strength of mine depending on how you look at it. Since that shoot my workflow and grasp of studio equipment has far improved; it’s really fulfilling to see that growth. I owe so much to my incredible professors and my school for supporting me through the past two terms. I’m very, very grateful to have the opportunity to be properly trained in my craft and be surrounded by such bright minds.

Model: Angel

Stylist: April Huynh

MUA: Vics Pedro 

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