Sukeban Magazine formed in Tokyo, Japan on December 2016 by Yuki Haze and Erika Bowes, due to a feeling of alienation and disillusion in the fashion industry. Not only did there seem to be a great lack of inclusivity in the industry, particularly of women of colour, but the manner in which several platforms celebrated or hired talent made it difficult for young, aspiring or unknown photographers, stylists, models, artists and other creative individuals to find exposure for their work without having a strong social media presence or general good fortune first. Additionally, there seemed to be such an onslaught of ‘apparent’ diversity in the industry, which only really served as tokenism at the best.
Although Sukeban, as a print and online platform, still has a long way to go to really include and support a wide range of individuals, our main aim is to at least attempt to do so, as well as provide a space for people that might not be getting the attention for their work at the moment, but deserve to.
We also hope that people who have an interest in creative topics are able to visit Sukeban and gain not only inspiration but also find other like-minded people to potentially work with or contact.

Sukeban is currently a non-profit platform,

although if you’re a company/organisation that recognises how lit we are and wants to finance or work with the magazine in some way, please contact us.

If you have any questions, feedback or would like to submit some work please pay attention to the following:

Inquiries: contact@sukeban.co.uk

Submissions: please check out the Submissions page and email us on submissions@sukeban.co.uk

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