Kelly Bjork

Jun 18


Describe your work in three words
sweet, simple, flat


When did you develop your style?
My style developed over the past 4-years of me living in Seattle. I finally was able to make time to work for myself, which allowed me to push for the style I was after.


Do you have a shared theme in all of your work?
I’d say a shared theme in my work would be simplicity.


What do you find most challenging since you started this journey as an artist/ illustrator?
Working for yourself is a huge challenge, at least for me. It’s hard being your own boss and managing a schedule; which can be quite flexible, yet that seems to make it more difficult – too many possibilities to think about!

Besides, I’d also add that the artist/illustrator hustle is challenging – finding a work/life balance to make sure you stay sane and aren’t just working all the time.


So what do you find most rewarding?
The fact that I get to draw and paint for my job. It is my favourite thing to do and I am very lucky that I’m able to do it so often.

 Some of your work reminds me of David Hockney, is he one of your inspirations? Where else do you usually draw your inspirations? (Places, humans, objects)
That is a huge compliment, thank you! And yes, Hockney is a huge inspiration. I also love Jonas Wood and Sara Long – 2 contemporary painters. Besides fellow artists, I think all the humans I interact with or see on the daily are a big influence. I also draw inspiration from living in the Pacific Northwest – the natural beauty here is out of this world! And all the fury friends I see, including my cat, Heschke!

*Note the title of one of my painting is, I’m Trying, David (the fifth picture underneath)


If you could pick a place to exhibit your work, where would it be? Why?
I’d love to exhibit ANYWHERE outside of the United States. It would be so wonderful to be able to travel and share my work with a new audience!


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