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Cheyenne by Isabella

Apr 09

@cheyenne.nix by @isabelladiasx


The subject in these photographs is Cheyenne, a friend of mine that goes to the same university as me. The day we got together do to the shoot was also the first time we saw each other in real life since we had only been talking through Instagram! I chose to photograph her because I really loved her profile and was looking for girls that had interesting features that would match the concept I was trying to convey with my photos, and she was perfect for it! With every shoot I do, the inspiration behind the photos is the model’s energy and what she passes to me since what I’m always trying to do with my photos is to capture my subject’s essence, and create the perfect environment for them to shine and manifest their personal power. Therefore, the inspiration behind this shoot was the energy that Cheyenne passed to me. With these images, besides trying to capture and showcase her essence and energy, I was also trying to convey a “Girl Power” aesthetic and mood, that would be different from what has been done before and that would have a lot of energy and power to it. My favourite image is this one:

because I felt that it is such a strong image, and that perfectly captured what I was aiming to create.

As mentioned before, what I try to convey with all my shoots is my subject’s energy and her personal colours, I want to give her a space to manifest all the magic she has inside of herself. Since we are often not paying attention to the power we and those around us have, I aim to capture people’s power, especially of females, on my photographs so that they won’t be forgotten about or ignored. I want to make people feel a very powerful but also a smooth energy surrounding and involving them as they look at my photos. 

I’m passionate about working for and with women, and I feel very honoured and happy everytime I get to work and to know them since they always teach me a lot and make me feel more centred. Getting to know those women and the different energies each of them has, and being able to brainstorm about concepts that would perfectly match them, and construct this ethereal reality alongside them, is what I enjoy the most about taking photos.

Photography has truly changed my life since it not only made me to meet a lot of new people and to have big opportunities, but it also enabled me to pave a career as an artist and to be able to see my ideas and dreams coming true and inspiring myself and others. Also enabling me to transmit messages, thoughts, and feelings that I had always kept to myself, to a big audience. Which is truly a great privilege and honour. The up and coming photographers that I recommend the most and that inspire my work a lot are Nadine Ijiwere, Hana Mendel, Nwaka Okparaeke and David Uzochukwu. And I`m also truly inspired by Tim Walker.


I met Isabella through Instagram when she messaged me about wanting to shoot me! I decided to shoot with her because I felt very connected with her photographic style. I love how powerful I look in these photos, and that they are also very smooth and natural, making me feel very comfortable and confident with them. On these photos, I’m portraying myself and my power, which is what Isabella told me she wanted to capture and make the shoot about. Therefore, I’m just being myself and trying to have fun and be as genuine as possible, which is why my favourite photo from this series is this one:

since I felt that it completely captures my essence and who I am, making me feel incredibly happy just by looking at it. Isabella and I discussed a lot about what outfits I would wear, and we ended up choosing the ones I felt more comfortable in and that matched more the fabrics and props we used.

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